Over Lunch

Me – “What are you thinking?”
Her – “Oh, nothing really.”

Your breath gathers time
between bites. I chew,
saying Nothing,

noting that Nothing invites
both assurance and anxiety
as if there should be


Some words to fill the spaces
between our lips.

Silence is our uneasy friend
Our third wheel, but still a friend.

Our void is not a vacuum.

In your deliberate distinctness, You,
Whom I love,
Whom I would gladly walk blindly into the night with,
Stare quietly over your plate, consuming —
as I am also consuming —
Our Blessed Space;

All we think about when we stop thinking
All we say when we stop talking
All we dream about when we stop wishing
All our spirits hold when we stop praying

Not empty, this Nothing.
It’s Us.

And, still chewing, I smile
Saying Nothing.

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