Attaining to holiness

“Those who imagine they can attain to holiness by any wisdom or
strength of their own will find themselves after many labours, and
struggles, and wary efforts, only the farther from possessing it, and
in proportion to their certainty that they of themselves have gained

— John of Avila

When I start to feel too good about myself, I get a little wary. At first I thought it was because I’m Catholic (hee) but it may just be good general policy. I pray that I may always offer up praises to God for the good that comes from me, give credit to the big-S Self in me for my best fruits, and keep my sin before my eyes. This is lest I lose sight of the Goal and fall prey to the deadly illusion that I have already arrived.

Now is that a Lenten sentiment or what? I’m so holy, aren’t I? ;)

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