Mr. Bush's Wild Ride

As or nation counts down the 48 hours to the deadline Sadaam’s ego will not let him meet, my mind has been transitioning from praying for peace to praying that it goes as quickly and painlessly (?!?) as possible. Praying that the suffering we inflict on the Iraqi people is less than what Sadaam would inflict if he’d stayed in power. I mean, If we have to bomb, let the bombs be smart. Let the Shock and Awe strategy work well if we’re hell bent on using it despite the wishes of the world.

It is with a perverse comfort that I have been reading lately that this war may not ultimately be about Iraq and the smoke-screen excuses about WMD and ties to terrorism. At least there’s a plan that was not cooked up out of our President’s knee-jerk reaction to September 11th. It’s about an ambitious vision for an American-dominated global peace that’s about to make Iraq the first up in a series of “regime-changes” targeted at stamping out terrorism and making the world safe for democracy and capitalism. And it’s been brewing since 2000 when the administration’s top strategists were still churning out policy analysis papers in the big think-tanks. Call it Pax Americana or The Pentagon’s New Map, neocolonialism or regional transformation, the Pentagon and the Adminstration are looking to a strategy that extends beyond Iraq. After reading up on all this, the selection of the three “Axis of Evil” countries does not seem so bizaare anymore. It’s all part of a big plan and Iran and North Korea are up next.

Well, hey, at least there’s a plan. We’re not being run by total bubbas and madmen, I’ll grant. I don’t agree with them, mind you. This is still not a Just War. And, I think their projected payoff is far from assured. I feel like I’m a kid watching on as Daddy places our life’s savings on one number at the table and prepares to roll the dice. This is a vision for our country. Risky, belligerent, and arrogant, but somewhat coherent. But is the Administration’s vision the American vision?

That’s the rub. We haven’t been included in the discussion. This complete makeover of American foreign policy has happened without an honest public dialogue. We’re being taken for a ride. It feels like we’re being Hijacked.

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