Sharing War Links

Since we are all being forced into getting our war on, I am gathering links to alternative news sources. I resolve not to be glued to the television, but I want to be plugged into some more trustworthy ways of staying informed than watching the official coverage on our major media outlets.

The only Iraqi Blogger I know of is here. Don’t know how long this will be available after the bombing starts, but it’s a good and rarely-heard perspective.

And the personal blog of CNN war correspondent Kevin Sites is here. I can’t say how much freedom he will have to be candid about what he sees, seeing as how he works for the Big Media Borg and all. But his posts are an interesting perspective too.

And my favorite source of news that is relatively clean of American bias is and has always been the BBC World Service. The Christian Science Monitor is another trusted source for me too.

Okay, I showed you mine. Now please show me yours. What alternative news sources/blogs do you plan to use to build a balanced perspective of upcoming events?

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