Praise be to God for his beautiful creation!

Lest you think I’m horribly pious and all Goody Two Shoes, I’ll point you to Maggie Berry’s new article at The Morning News called Releasing Your Inner Slut. It’s a fashion article about the proper way to wear daring or revealing clothes. I’m all for this meme — especially the part about taking time to do it right when you want to tart your sexy bits up for public viewing.

Being made by God as a guy, I enjoy a skillful presentation of the female form. I’m not going to be dishonest and dismiss or deny it. It is one of Life’s simpler pleasures. But, I make a concerted effort to turn the admiration back to its source. I try to say to myself “Praise be to God for his beautiful creation!” For it is beautiful indeed.

And, anyway, I am a big fan of Maggie’s writing. I’ll read an article about dental hygeine if she’s the author.

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