Kids Rock

I have some pretty cool kids. I was on my way to drop them off at our babysitter service on my way to the H-Town blogs meetup yesterday when I was compelled to crank up my Bowling For Soup CD.

They loved it. Petunia and Mr. Freshpants danced about as much as they could while strapped into car seats.

We rocked out all the way there. It was fun. Apparently the other drivers thought it was pretty funny.

The meetup was fun. Discovered a new place to get bubble tea and free wireless internet in midtown. Met some new interesting people. Re-met some old but still interesting acquaintances. Realized that, as a blogger and web page person, I am way outclassed (well, duh) but I really enjoyed soaking up the blogging juju and listening to the blog gossip from the well-connected and savvy H-Town Bloggers.

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