An email came to me from Micheal Herman via a mail list I am on with some cheerful news. In what seems to me an extraordinary act of faith, this Chicago woman purchased a huge industrial-sized solar oven with the intention of sending it to a small town in Angola. She put all $10,500 of it on her credit card. And now she’s throwing a party in Chicago — a “Bake In” if you will — to demonstrate the oven and raise the money to pay her now large credit card bill.

Once again, just knowing that there are people who do this kind of stuff is a cheerful thing.

She apparently is chairperson of a small Angolan relief organization called Sharecircle . The oven is a capital asset that will provide jobs and prevent further deforestation in that little corner of the world. The long term vision is to obtain a microloan for this village to enable it to manufacture these ovens and sell them across Africa.

Anyway, everyone’s invited to a party on South Boulevard Beach in Chicago April 5 at 3:00 at 550 Sheridan Square.. It’s BYOD — bring your own dough (both kinds. heh.)

If you can’t get to Chicago, you can still contribute. I’ll give some space to Patricia Deer’s own words:

“The background of this project: Six years ago I met Guerra Freitas in Sierra Leon where I was teaching conflict resolution. He was a jewel of a person and wanted desparately to come to the US to study since the infrastructure in his country, Angola, was so destroyed by the decades of war. So I sponsored Guerra as a student. He graduated last year Valedictorian. He has also put enormous energy into a 501-c3 organization called Sharecircle to help Angola. You can check it out at

If you can not come but would like to contribute by sending a fishing pole instead of a fish, you can make your check out to Sharecircle. You will get a receipt for tax deduction. Send to Patricia Deer, 550 Sheridan Square, 3A, Evanston, Il. 60202.

Some of you have already been generous, and this party is one way to thank you.
Thank you for caring, may it come back to you in spades.”

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