Things that go through my mind while meditating

“Am I doing this right?”
“What am I gonna have for breakfast?”
“This isn’t really praying, is it?”
“Ommmmmmm… God that sounds silly.”
“I don’t feel anything. Is this working?”
“Doh! My mind is wandering again! Bad Cody!”
“How much time is left?”
“Breathe, Breathe, Breathe. Focus, Focus, Focus.”

Thomas Keating says that all of those kinds of thoughts during contemplative prayer are very natural and that you shouldn’t feel bad that you have them. They are from the ego trying to reassert its dominance since it feels threatened by all the sitting and just being.

I read one time that you shouldn’t chase distracting thoughts away, but just let them float across the sky of your mind like drifting clouds. Some days for me are more cloudy than others, let’s just say.

Sitting and doing nothing is some pretty hard work.

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