Cautious Cheer

I did not agree with the means, but I cannot help but enjoy the ends even thought the means don’t justify them. It is nice to see the Iraqis celebrating in their own streets.

But I am worried about the looting and whether we can restore a legitimate and effective government to Iraq. The fact that we apparently won so quickly is good, but it means that Bush will almost certainly listen to Rumsfeld and the Pentagon instead of Colin Powell and the State Department. It is, I repeat, a bad idea to let our military run our diplomacy. As Caterina pointed out yesterday, our track record in rebuilding Afghanistan does not really speak well for the US as a nation builder.

I share the sentiments of the 46 year old man in this story:

“Before it was so bad for us – so this makes us happy. We look forward to having a new government and an end to this mess. Look, the US is welcome here – but not for long, just for a while to help the next Iraqi government get going. And after that they have no right to stay here; and while they are here they must see us as human beings and not as barrels of oil.”

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