Never Mind: a Nine Inch Nails experience.

Well, I feel pretty dumb. I pointed to Skull Bolt yesterday because I admire the guy’s writing style and that it reminded me of some other poets I like. Today I went back and read more, as I tend to do when I like someone’s writing, and.. well… hmmm.

I still like the guy’s writing style. But I cannot endorse it because I cannot stomach what he writes about. Sprinkled with unnecessary angst and degrading images that I frankly don’t want to parade in front of my psyche on a regular basis. I was enthusiastic about this guy’s writing style that I hadn’t vetted his writing for content all that well.

That’s a frustrating dichotomy I’m faced with often. Some of the best art, from an artistic standpoint, is repugnant to me from a philosophical, spiritual standpoint.

It’s like my experience when I was first exposed to Nine Inch Nails about ten years ago. I thought the music was some of the most innovative I had heard in a long time. The beat, the way they worked the industrial noises in, was way cool. I even had somebody make me a tape. I drove down the road a number of times blasting NIN at the top of my asthmatic stereo’s lungs before I stopped to listen to the actual lyrics.

Oh. This would not do. The spiritual malaise that oozes from Trent Reznor’s mind — it’s not necessarily the sex references and cursing, it’s the seething self-loathing — made me feel dirty. I love the driving, complex wall of sound that is their music. But I will not. Not I say. Drive down the road with the words “I want to f*** you like an animal” in my head. You choose the images and words that you put into your head. I need to choose something less life-draining than that to fill my brain. But if Nine Inch Nails ever puts out an instrumental album, I’ll be so there.

What makes this problem even worse is that the Christian “alternatives” to these popular culture standouts are so abysmal. There is nowhere else to go for “Christian Pop Culture” except the bland top 40 ghetto of Contemporary Christian radio. And forget anything avant-garde, cutting edge, or alternative. It’s frustrating.

So I linked a guy who writes really well about stuff I don’t really like. Sent y’all there. He even apparently linked me back. And now, with a rather red face I have to make like Emily Latella and say, “Never mind.” Sorry, Skull Bolt, I don’t blame you if you de-link me and flame me to boot.

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