Agony and Ecstasy

It was a good Easter weekend. Spent all weekend in the Texas Hill Country on the Frio river. A lot of it sitting in one of those folding armchairs with my legs dangling into the cold, fast-running water while watching my kids and friends splashing and having lots of kid fun. Ahhh… two days of ecstasy.

Well, Friday was better because there were fewer people at our spot, so I could take in all the natural beauty. Saturday there were more, um, river people. I’m talkiing mullets and sunglasses which looked like they came free with a box of Marlboros. I’m talking special floating tube-coolers containing beer that I quit drinking once I came of age and could buy my own beer. I’m talking some seriously ill-advised bikinis. (Granted there were some well-advised ones too, but they were way outnumbered). So yeah, the hoots and hollers of inebriated river folk and the train-wreck can’t-look-away-but-don’t-want-to-see-either spectre of rarely exposed flesh distracted from the natural beauty of the spot, but it was all good. We had a blast on the Frio river.

And then I was reminded of one thing that plagued me when I used to live in that part of Texas — allergies. Mesquite pollen, cedar. I felt like someone had scooped out my sinuses with a melon baller and filled them with oatmeal. I don’t think it’s fair that I should have stuff coming out of my nose if I cannot get any air in through my nose. I’m just sayin’. I spent most of Saturday night trying to sleep and failing. I must have sounded like a drugged bear gasping for breath. Snort. Hack. Sniff. Agony.

We got back in plenty of time for Easter Mass, where I was sniffly and bleary and coughed a lot. I also contemplated resurrection — not just resurrection in general, but resurrection of the body and Jesus’ resurrection. I contemplated my inability to get to the wordless truth of something without having to fit it through the filter of my brain’s limited understanding. If anyone has a good “how” and “why” explanation about the resurrection of the personal body, I’d like to see it. Like Agent Mulder, “I Want to Believe,” but I haven’t worked out any mental models to reconcile my avowed belief with my brain’s understanding. So, like I say, I could use a little help here. Anyone? Anyone?

And so Easter Monday. I’m physically feeling a little better today. Now it just feels like someone scooped out my sinuses with a melon baller two days ago. And I got this residual cough that won’t let go. Well, with enough drugs, I am hoping to sleep the whole night tonight. A boy can dream can’t he? Not with mesquite pollen, apparently.

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