Heidi Cody

I generally don’t like to do “look what I found in my referrer logs” posts, but sometimes I find stuff that’s too good not to mention.

There was one google hit on my page from someone searching for “Heidi Cody” and I was wondering if it was someone I know in real life looking for us on the web. What I found when I followed the link myself was pleasant surprise.

There is a Brooklyn-based artist named Heidi Cody who does brightly-colored print art. And she’s pretty good too.

She uses her bright prints to highlight the saturation of commercialism in culture. For instance, each letter in this alphabet comes from the logo of a major american consumer brand. Can you recognize them? And how about this collection called “Fast Pitch” which contains small bits of familiar logos? I could recognize Starbucks, Oreos, and Dominoes Pizza. (Says a lot about me huh?) How ’bout you?

So Heidi and I have a cool namesake of sorts. I love the Internet.

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