Poetry is Dead. Long Live poetry.

This guy is seriously full of it. Bruce Wexler, whoever the hell he is, has declared that poetry is dead.

Well, hell, I guess we poets and poet lovers should just pack it in then. We lost Bruce!

His evidence:

1) There are more people who write it than there are who appreciate it, and;
2) Bruce Wexler doesn’t read it anymore

Well I don’t give a flying you-know-what whether Bruce Wexler reads it. I’ll point to my shelf of poetry as a personal counterexample. And doesn’t the fact that there are a good number of people who write it mean that there are at least as many people who appreciate it?

Perhaps Bruce is pointing to the obvious fact that poetry is not a mass-media art anymore. Maybe Bruce thinks that art must be packaged for mass-production to be real art. Maybe this says more about Bruce’s pedestrian tastes than it does about poetry or art.

Shame for a national mag like Newsweek to waste column-inches like that. Next time they should feature a little-known poet. Heck, that space would have been better used by running back columns of the comic “Nancy.”

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