Girlzilla Rising

In a bizarre move that can only be explained with the help of the DSM IV, one of the parents of a kid in Girlzilla’s Girl Scout Troop tried to stage a coup and replace the current leader and install herself. This mom actually sent her kid to school with a petition to get the other girls in the troop to sign. Amazing. And sad.

Girlzilla went to her mom.The Girl Scout Office was called. The coup was thwarted. Somehow the mental case mom saw herself as the victim in all of this. Amazing. And sad.

Anyway, why I’m telling you is that I was proud that my daughter did the right thing. Girlzilla not only refused to sign the petition, but went to her mom and told her which is exactly what we have told her to do in this kind of situation. It’s gratifying to see glimpses of the good person Girlzilla is turning out to be. As a parent I get so used to being worried about my kid and how to help her deal with her problems that I sometimes lose sight of the ways in which some of the lessons stick. My baby is growing up to be a mature young lady.

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