Dim Beam

This Bozo makes Bruce Wexler’s anti-poetry screed seem downright erudite.

According to columnist Alex Beam in the Boston Globe, National Poetry Month is a “trumped-up, tricked-out, fake celebration,” poets are “worthless malingerers,” and poetry is “stomach-churning sentiment.”

My, my, are someone’s hemorrhoids acting up? Or did some cute girl laugh at his pitiable attempts at verse back in seventh grade? Must be an emotional thing, as I can find no logical reason for such a polarized position on poetry.

And apparently Alex Beam cannot find a logical reason either. His argument against poetry is that:

1) Maya Angelou is a sell-out hack.
2) Hallmark sells sentimental schlock.

I’m sorry, but one arguable point about one poet and one obvious truth does not make an effective argument justifying such silliness.

But it is somewhat comforting that anyone can be a columnist for a major daily newspaper these days. There’s hope for us bloggers.

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