Futurists' top forty

My old school chum Sandy Burchstead left UHCL and opened a successful business doing futurist stuff merged with education. She’s got a great site and is a very talented educator — if you want to integrate futures thinking into your K-12 curriculum, she’s your best bet.

Anyway, a while back I started an email conversation about pop music that talks about the future. The idea was to identify resource material and assess the various ways the future is referred to in pop music. I ended up with a sort of catalog of the future in music. My idea was to post it on the web for all to see and update. So that debuted on my “To-Do” list at number 157 and never broke the 100 mark.

Sandy swooped in and picked up my slack. She posted the chart on her site as a futurists’ resource. I couldn’t think of a more fitting place for it. Check it out.

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