Yes, another art rectangle…

Prayer #2
Prayer #2 (Ink, graphite, and watercolor on paper)

I don’t know why I ended up liking this one. It kind of reminded me of Brice Marden meets Agnes Martin in the background.

Ha. As if I can compare myself to either of them. But that does bring up a question. Why does my abstract expressionism not look as good to me as that of established abstract expressionists? I’ve dribbled paint before but have produced nothign like a Pollock. My stark streaks of paint look nothing like Robert Mottherwell’s or Franz Klein’s. My scribble works don’t seem to measure up to those of Cy Twombly.

Maybe it’s a matter of confidence. And size. These Abstract Expressionists drip, streak, scribble just like I do but they do it boldly on huge canvases and march their paintings into elite galleries where they hang huge pricetags on them. Maybe they all know the emperor has no clothes, but they don’t care because they look damn fine in a birthday suit *or* an Armani suit and if you laugh and point to hell with you you don’t know art anyway.

Maybe their early art education gives them the technical background where they can say, “Oh I did representational work years ago. Anyone can paint a picture *of* something. That’s so passe. I want to see what I can create if I throw my paint with my bare hands.” Maybe their dues-paid art school cred gives them license to break out and follow nobody’s rules anymore.

Me, I have no cred. No technique. I just paint, draw, scribble what I want. Express myself.

Maybe *this* is what makes theirs better than mine: They paint, draw, scribble what they want to just like me, *but* they don’t stop afterwards and compare their work to others’ and feel inferior. Abstract expressionism is indeed expression and if that expression is honestly stated from inside yourself and not an imitation of someone else’s statement or style, it’s good. Maybe I should stop “Being Agnes” and find my own voice.

And start using really huge canvases.

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