So, I’m back.

I still don’t have my shit together, but I came to a place where I can accept the state of my shit.

Right after I started my blog sabbatical, I sat down and made a “shit list,” prioritized in order of what I most needed to do. I found I couldn’t empty the list. In fact, it’s larger now than when I started.

Well, who would want an emtpy list anyways? I always hope to have new stuff coming at me — means I am still vital. Like any “To Do” list, the best I could hope for was to move stuff off the top to make room for the new stuff that flows into the list every day.

The freshest water is the flowing water. If water sits still it stagnates. That’s how I was feeling last month. Stagnant. Now I feel like I’m somewhat flowing. That’s what the sabbatical was about.

So my resolve is to keep flowing — move something off every day to make room for something new to flow in. And somehow I will find time to post here too. I really missed being on Overflow. And I missed all of you folks.

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