Reason Why I Love The Internet #156

I am sitting at my home computer listening to some of the coolest, weirdest sound art on a site called 8bitrecs. The list of artists on this label encompasses lots of different electronic experimental music, from squeaky blip-hop, to ambient post-techno, to sampled and altered field recordings (like water dripping off a melted iceberg) to “ethnographic forgeries”. Some of the absolutely most befuddling and intriguing stuff I’ve heard in a while.

And there’s a whole world of this stuff. 8bitrecs is just one of many tiny labels. (stasisfield is another favorite so far. Check out their page of sample clips.)

London, which appears to be the epicenter of the sound art multiverse, even has a radio station dedicated to the genre. (If you can call it a genre, that is.)

Yeah, this stuff is pretty weird. Way too weird to make it into any store near me. Now I can explore new sonic vistas over the web. I love the Internet.

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