Being a table.

Reading Real Live Preacher’s latest entry reminds me that I need to update my sidebar links. He’s a must link.

The entry is brilliant and spoke directly to my heart. It’s as if the Big Guy, knowing what my state was this weekend, had spoken to me directly:

“I got that crappy church catalog in the mail. Thumbing through it kicked up the disillusionment and depression that is always lurking just below my surface. It seemed to me that the church was nothing more than an institution. It seemed to me that the memory of Christ was very far away.

(snipped for brevity and fair use) ……

And I learned something in all of this that will help me the next time I let myself get depressed over something as silly as a bad table and a catalog.

If the wafers are going stale for you, be the bread yourself. Break yourself open and nourish the world.

If the communion table seems cheap and tacky, become a table yourself. Straighten your legs and flatten your back. Become a resting place for the weary.”

Too freekin brilliant. Indeed, RLP has done just that for me by being open to share his own disillusionment. His blog has been a resting place for my weary soul.

I love the Internet.

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