Marriage Links

So after some rest, finishing my current fiction book, and gaining some emotional distance, I realize how grumpy I sounded yesterday about our retreat.

It’s wasn’t hardly that bad. In fact it was very good.

It is in my nature (human nature) to focus on the two or three detractors instead of the thirty-five or so couples who worked hard and were affected positively by the communication space we opened up for them. As I said on the weekend repeatedly, the cycle of romance/disillusionment/acceptance applies to all relationships, including areas of one’s life, like work and ministry.

I guess for me it was more like disillusionment/acceptance/romance, but I came around eventually.

So if you’re coming around my site from the weekend retreat, welcome. You were probably one of the best couples there, right? Of course!

I promised you a bodacious blog-a-licious bounty of resource links for further exploration into the process of preparing for marriage:

The Marriage Movement — a blog that keeps up on the latest policy and research news concerning marriage and family. This is the bleeding edge stuff. I’m less interested in the policy and politics stuff than I am the research. Good source for keeping current on the latest marriage research.

SmartMarriages — Smartmarriages is probably the most happenin’ organization in the marriage field today. It’s a coalition of marriage therapists, educators, and religious leaders who are very pro-marriage. Theirs is an atrociously-designed website with a large number of very good resources, articles, tools, quizzes, and references to marriage education providers. Have some patience with this site and your explorations will be rewarded. (Tip: subscribe to the SmartMarriages mailing list and you’ll have the bleeding edge delivered to your inbox on a regular basis.)

Here’s the SmartMarriages articles page that has links to articles of just about every flavor. And when you’re done with that, you can seek out the books on the SmartMarriages books page.

So there’s the tip of a huge mountain of information about marriage and relationships. Maybe more than you want. I know I promised you a bodacious bounty of links right here on my page, but why reinvent it if it’s already sitting out there? Think of these as your “base camp” from which you can continue your marriage education journey on the Internet.

Don’t ever stop preparing for your marriage. Even after the wedding and beyond.

And if you need any specific information or want to talk. I am always right here (and Heidi too).

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