“If one wants to know emptiness, how should one do it?” “The one
who wants to realize emptiness should adore reality, develop a skill in living
in the world, and cultivate friends of the same mind. Skill can only be
developed in the presence of reality, not otherwise. Endowed with skill, the
person gives without the idea of a giver and lives in the realization that all
the factors of existence have no ultimate substance.”


I’m still contemplating these words, but the concept of “skill” resonates with me. It is a one word answer to one of the questions that has been keeping me up at night lately. Skill marries learning and action. It joins study and practice. It is acquired through theory and application. And it usually results in some sort of product or tangible benefit. Skill is not just conceptual, not just talk.

Skill requires a balance between the very modalities of being I have been struggling to integrate lately — acting and thinking. It seems to be a sign post pointing me somewhere promising. I’ll let you know where it leads. When I figure it out that is.

All I know is that for several days I have been thinking that, if I went back to school, acquiring a trade sounds more attractive than getting another academic degree. I’ve been wanting to learn something useful. I ‘ve been wanting to *be* more useful.

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