Bad Art Night

Our game of One Thousand Blank White Cards last month was a success. It was a truly Creative Conversation. People left with ideas of their own for Creative Conversation nights. At least one 1KBWC follow-up night is being kicked around. That was exactly the idea for the whole Creative Conversations franchise.

So how to follow that? I’m stealing an idea from a friend’s art magazine — Bad Art Night. (Apparently it’s not a new idea, but it’s new in this corner of the burbs.)

In this world of sophisticated design at the click of a mouse, when you can get slick design with your coffee at Starbucks, when even the liquid soaps at Target are designed by designers like Todd Oldham and Michael Graves, the world needs more bad art. It’s a depressing world where our cheese graters are hipper than we are.

So, we need some personal-level art, some non-professional art, some really bad art. A recent Utne article by David Byrne calls for more Bad Art for the exact same reason. Who am I to refuse the man who introduced me to blip-hop?

I’m not so much interested in propagating the Bad Art aesthetic as I am interested in freeing up people to be creative. People don’t think they have to have professional skills to go running or play softball, but they won’t try their hand at art because they don’t have “talent.” I want to give people a night where they have permission to have no talent. And then reap the conversation that sprouts up among people being newly creative among other newly creative people.

So mark your calendars:

Creative Conversations: Bad Art Night
Kenny J’s Coffe House
Corner of Kirby and Nasa Rd. 1
Wednesday, August 13th

Open yourself up to new ideas, new people, new modes of relating. And possibly new futures for yourself and your local community.

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