My Giftmas Wish

Well, one day after I get all dramatic about not being inspired, inspiration hits.

I can’t think of any thing I want for Christmas. That’s been on my mind lately since people in my life have been asking. The only things I want for Christmas aren’t things. Primarily what I want is time.

Time to meditate. Time to sleep. Time to do art. Time to read. I want time.

And then it hit me. What I want is a Fermata. One of my very own.

I would be so much more productive with my Fermata than Nicholson Baker’s Arno Strine. I mean, come on, the ability to stop time and all he can think to do is take women’s clothes off and catch up on work? I’d be so much more creative with it. Use it for good and not for evil.

Whaddaya say, Santa? I’ve been a good boy.

How would you use a Fermata?

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