Spam found poetry

When I’m deleting spam my finger is about as quick on the mouse as a thirteen year old boy playing a first person shooter game. But the text in two of the posts today caught my eye:

from “Melissa Thornton”

couturier capitulate
scimitar syndrome
hosiery avaricious quadrangle
shagbark hodge
petrel budge
translucent cox spiral
bloop leek
possessive maurice franca
riverine extradition

and from “Bernal Perry”

cochrane orography
bijective dc ramble magnitude
tehran confocal anthropomorphism
gnome floodlit bullet einsteinium
mississippi descriptive transceiver
benchmark anastasia bag
stupor mccallum men olden

I didn’t bother to open the attachments. I figure that the random words were some sort of tracking mechanism. But they make some interesting found poetry. Maybe I should look at my Spam a little closer?


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