And another one's gone…

Olivia went to her new forever family on Friday. She’ll be home for Christmas.

Her adoptive parents were ready to go the international adoption route, with all the attendant expense and hassle. And here Olivia was, pure blood Kenyan, lying in a local foster home, free for adoption. An international adoption wrapped and delivered almost to their doorstep. God brought them together.

So, am I glad she’s gone? Yeah, guess so, in that I’m glad she found an adoptive home so quickly. I’ll miss her, as she was a very sweet and charming baby, but I’m mostly glad for her. It didn’t start out looking very good — a baby with health problems is harder to find a home for and several prospective parents had already turned her down. We figured we might have her for several months. Instead it was two weeks. Praise be.

And I have to admit I love going to bed knowing that I don’t have to wake up until morning.

Praise be.

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