Bad Art Night

So, I am letting go of Bad Art Night. At least as I originally intended it.

I had envisioned Bad Art Night as a way to build local culture in the Suburban cultural wasteland of Clear Lake, a way to get fellow suburbanites out from in front of their TVs and out to meet each other. A way to make the suburbs more human and friendly. Apparently a quixotic effort. Suburbanites don’t want to get out from in front of their TVs apparently.

Well, screw the suburbs. I wanna make art.

I am moving the whole show downtown, where I hope to draw on wider participation from non-suburbans. The only suburbans I know who ever came to the old Bad Art Nights are ones who would be happy to drive downtown to attend it anyway.

So, the new Bad Art Night is set for Wednesday, January 21st from 7:00-10:00 p.m. at Tropioca on Milam in Mid-town. I would have given up on the concept altogether if it weren’t for some encouragement from some H-Town bloggers at a lunch a week ago. An informal poll said that the main reason for interested parties not coming was the driving distance. And I kept it out in the cultural boondocks for six months for the benefit of my fellow Clear Lake suburbanites who apparently stayed away in droves.

So screw the suburbs, I wanna make art. Bad Art Night is movin on uptown.

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