I have trouble with the term “pre-owned” as in “new and pre-owned cars.” It’s used as a euphemism for “used”, but the prefix “pre” means “before” and so “pre-owned” should mean “new” and not “used”. The billboards for car dealers along freeways everywhere should read “new and previously owned.”

Not that it matters in the long run, but it bugs me. I only mention it because it came to me as I was driving downtown along I-45 when I should have been concentrating on driving and maybe using my excess brain cycles for some more productive thinking. And then it came back as I was trying to choose a video to rent and I saw a sign with the offending term on it. Now I see the damn phrase everywhere. How did this miscarriage of semantics become so darn popular?

Just a little example to illustrate what it’s like to have my brain. It’s like all the critical processing queues in my head have a built-in “useless observation” interrupt. It’s a wonder that I get anything done at all.

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