Sixteen Candles

As of today, Heidi and I have been married for sixteen years. We’ve known each other for over half our lives. I’ve often say that I can’t imagine life without her. In a few years, that’ll be true because I can’t remember life without her.

One thing I treasure about our marriage is the many ways that loving Heidi has come back to me in personal blessings, personal growth. I am a better man for loving Heidi. And I want to be an even better man for her in the future.

Another thing (and then I’ll quit gushing) I treasure about us as a couple is that we have a lifelong learning approach to our relationship. We, in many respects, treat our marriage as a career — an asset we need to nurture with training, growing knowledge, and mindful practice. (In fact, our diocese is talking about sponsoring us to go to Dallas this summer and get that certification I talked about a few days ago. That’s the kind of thing I’m talking about.)

Of course, the fact I am working out my salvation through my marriage and my family is a big plus.

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