Future Houston Seminar

My former professor from graduate school and my current senior colleague, Dr. Peter Bishop, is speaking at The Houston Seminar later this month and next in a class called “Know the Future. You’ll Spend the Rest of Your Life There.”

Corny title, but it promises to be a good course. I’ve already paid countless thousands to listen to Peter’s intro to future stuff, so I’ll pass on that night. But I’d kind of like to hear Derek Woodgate from the Futures Lab in Austin talk about generational trends or Dr. Stephen Murdock (even though he is an Aggie proffessor — insert joke here) talk about demographic trends in Texas. He is the State Demographer of Texas, after all.

But the one I’m putting on my calendar fo shizzle is Peter’s closing seminar on the Future of Houston and its Quality of Place. As Heidi and I concluded in conversation on our anniversary dinner out Friday night, we’re pretty much a Houston family for the long haul, so Houston’s Future affects our future. And hopefully vice versa.

Maybe I’ll see you there.

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