Lucid Moments

Had a very nice dinner with my beloved at Artista to celebrate our anniversary. We had time to sit and talk over a two hour dinner. We made plans. We talked dreams. We picked from among our many memories. We had a chance to sit in unawkward silence and just enjoy each others’ presence. (I like that we are comfortable enough with each other that we don’t have to fill every moment with conversation. Witty repartee is a lot of work.)

Afterward we indulged in our favorite post-dinner date activity — bookstore browsing. We each picked out books for the other to buy us for our anniversary. Heidi, the thoughtful woman she is, bought me a volume of poetry by Polish poet Adam Zagajewski.

Later that night, as we were laying in bed, Heidi feeding Olivia her midnight bottle, I read the following poem to her:

Don’t allow the lucid moment to dissolve
Let the radiant thought last in stillness
though the page is almost filled and the flame flickers
We haven’t risen yet to the level of ourselves
Knowledge grows slowly like a wisdom tooth
The stature of a man is still notched
high up on a white door
From far off, the joyful voice of a trumpet
and of a song rolled up like a cat
What passes doesn’t fall into a void
A stoker is still feeding coal into the fire
Don’t allow the lucid moment to dissolve
On a hard dry substance
you have to engrave the truth

— Adam Zagajewski

(Translated by Renata Gorczynski )

This is a perfect poem for the moment after the anniversary date. After the night of discussing dreams, memories, plans. Perfect for the moment after that moment when it seems all laid out. Laid out to be lived out or forgotten.

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