Bad Art, Good Company

My Bad Art

The new incarnation of Bad Art Night at Tropioca was as successful as the best one I ever held out in the burbs. And that’s with three no-shows of people I was expecting to come, so there’s room to grow.

Elaine came as well as Kathy and her husband. Came early and stayed late. They were Bad Art Troopers. Pat and her friend Carmen joined us for the last hour. And then Ian came by for a cameo to meet us before going over to his gig at Industry Cafe.

So the reincarnation of the Bad Art Night has promise. We’ll do it again next month.

Thanks to Elaine for being our cameraperson Click on the image to get to the Bad Art Night Gallery for all the fun pics.

I’ve already released some of last night’s art into the wild. Looking forward to making more.
My leg and some bad art at Bad Art Night

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