The insidious process by which a Want becomes a Need

I’ve decided I want a VCR upstairs at our house. Our one VCR is downstairs, which facilitates kids watching Winnie The Pooh and Veggie Tales, but our digital cable box is upstairs. We can only get channels up to two digits on our downstairs VCR tuner. So right now if I want to record a program on a channel that has three digits, I can’t.

And, you see, Sessions At West 54th this week is very good. Lessee, they’ve got Rollins Band, that the guy from Arrested Development (hey, well at least I liked them) who calls himself Speech, Lyle Lovett, Wilco, and G. Love and Special Sauce. All within four days of each other.

Now, what are the chances I am going to be able to sit down at 7:00 p.m. on four consecutive evenings and watch TV? Slim to none. So I need to record. And so I need a VCR upstairs. How’s that for a rationalization?

While I’m at it, there are a number of other shows on the quirky, inconsistent Trio channel that I want to check out, like Egg and 9Sharp, but those air at even more impossible times than Sessions.

And we haven’t even looked into the other channels, like that Office show on BBC America. Not like I really need to be contriving ways to spend more time in front of the TV set, but I don’t want to miss G. Love and Wilco. Yes, I need another VCR.

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