Chocolate Charities

For Mr. Freshpants, his various playrooms are life’s landmarks. He knows the ones he goes to most often — the playroom at church, the playroom which is pre-school, and the playroom at the babysitting service we use — and relates his days to them.

Every once in a while, we take him up to Catholic Charities to do adoption and fostering business and, while the adults are talking adult stuff, Fresh gets to explore another, lesser known playroom. It’s like a special treat. Seems like we always have to practically drag him out of the playroom at Catholic Charities. I understand where he’s coming from — he’s not finished. There are whole toys he has not explored yet. But that very fact is what makes it such a treat to go.

So I find it appropos that Fresh mispronounces Catholic Charities as “Chocolate Charities.” Hey, it’s a treat.

We all get a kick out of each time he says “I wanna go to Chocolate Charities.” We all smile to think of what kind of programs a place called “Chocolate Charities” might sponsor.

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