I think Kurt’s latest entry may have saved my blog.

Kurt posted a link to a blogger I never read before named Lorianne. Her explanation of Christian Zen and the Bodhisattva-Christ is the clearest and most concise of anything I’ve ever read. Knowing that resource is there is a gift. Knowing Lorraine is out there is a gift.

Never would have known about either if it weren’t for that post. That’s blogging at its purest — pointing beyond one’s self to something better, enabling others to make connections that affect their lives.

I won’t waste your time with the self-absorbed mental hand-wringing I’ve had with my efforts on Overflow — whether to kill it, mothball it, or muddle on in mediocrity — over the past few months. Let’s just say that sometimes it takes a pure, simple example to point you on a clearer path.

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