moving in

Speedy moved in with us yesterday. He’s bunking in the big room with Fresh. Petunia took over Fresh’s room. Olivia’s crib is now in the office. A regular kid scramble.

Speedy is a cutie. Five years old with a winning, toothy smile, short cropped hair, and bright eyes. Due to his family situation, his pedigree is uncertain, but I’m guessing parts African-American and Hispanic. Just a guess. Whatever he is, he’s gone right to Heidi’s and my hearts. He’s a keeper, God willing.

So we’re in that honeymoon stage. He’s on his best behavior and genuinely grateful to be in the process of being adopted. And we are excited to have him. Of course we’ll be reminded soon enough that we’ve adopted a five year old boy (challenging enough on its own) with special needs and family of origin issues.

But for now, we rejoice. And then there were five!

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