Don't read my blog, Part II

There is so much better to read out there.

Matthias, the guy who left his comfy management job to enter the seminary, wrote a marvelously manic midnight meditation on the miraculous. You’ll never look at your hands the same way.

And with an NPR story about States’ efforts to ban gay marriage before their courts make it legal still ringing in my head on the way into work, I find it important to go back and read a couple of old posts by Real Live Preacher which make the best argument against such efforts by a member of the Christian clergy I’ve ever read. Single-handedly changed my mind on this issue. His passionate post on the hypocrisy of condemning homosexuality and his calmer followup exegesis of scripture on the issue are a must read by every Christian on both sides of the issue.

So don’t read my blog. These things are better and more important than anything I can write today.

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