Born To Be Mild

I’ve alway felt a little like an orphan out here in the Blog world,a spiritual nomad. I am not a great web designer or artist like those art/design bloggers, I am not geeky-brilliant like the technology bloggers, I am not articulate and engaged like the best of the political bloggers, I am not well-read enough to be a literary blogger, and I am certainly not churchy enough to be a church blogger. I have at times felt a little yen to hang around the edges of all these Blog world cliques, but have never felt at home. Now, thanks to a post at Theory of the Everyday, I have found my place in the blog world.

I am, as it were, happily dull. Therefore I belong with the Dull Bloggers. I have found a Home.

The site wrote some nice words about one of my posts (I knew I liked that site) on being Boring, which are a more dead-on description of what I am about than I could ever write for myself:

And yet some of the best expressions of the everyday are uttered by men, men who have turned their backs on thrills, drama, constant change, and over-romanticized notions of love and sex …in favor of something much more stable, solid and, despite all appearances to the contrary, rich.

Nice words are nice and all, but what I really appreciate is the link to the Dull Men’s Club

A place — in cyberspace — where Dull Men can share thoughts and experiences, free from pressures to be “in and trendy,” free instead to enjoy the simple, ordinary things of everyday life

I smiled with Delight when I saw that site. This is me! They’re Like Me! They’re Really, Really Like Me!

Except I worry, as I suppose Dull Men like myself are inclined to do, that I may be too seriously dull. Most of the writing on the site seems to be tongue-in-cheek. I, on the other hand, spent two hours last night making a piece of cardboard art from an old pizza carton that says, “Only the Ordinary is Truly Miraculous.”

I hope I am not too Dull to fit in with the Dull Men. Well, I’m buying their T-shirt anyway. My Dull Man Certificate is already hanging in my cubicle.

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