I try to take a few minutes to sit and meditiate (pray, read, play, whatever) before I continue onto work. Lately I’ve been rinsing my mind with a few pages of Pema Chodron and letting it air-dry while savoring the present moment with hot black coffee in a nice cool leather chair. Balm for the soul, this. (Dull, yes, but balm nonetheless.)

This morning there was an unfamiliar face sitting the next leather chair over. She obviously wanted to chat enough to disrupt my obvious wanting to sit still. “What’s that book you’re reading.” etc. Turns out she’s visiting in town but wants to move here and find a job.

Wow. She wants to move *here* to Dull Suburbia and she wants a Dull IT job like my own. She had a want-ad page with some red circles on it. Made me realize how we, I, take for granted the very basic blessings of Dullness — the eight-to-five job, the pleasant weather, the safe, uneventful streets of my neighborhood. My dull existence, purchased and paid for by a large number of people besides myself, is a priviledge I am grateful for.

So this morning, walking into work was an event of no small spiritual significance. The parking space close to the same old door, swiping the badge, small talk on the elevator, logging onto the server, all are unnoticed minutae of a life of Priviledge. I almost can’t wait to get to that status report now!

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