Give it up. Get Messy.

The world is just a set of false impressions.
Give them up.

Give up the illusion.
Give up the world.

And live freely.

-Ashtavakra Gita 9:8

This weekend the whole family went for walk in the woods at a nearby nature preserve. It was a pretty fun outing overall. But midway through the hike sunny beautiful day turned into a blustery overcast day. Amazing how long a 1.2 mile trail seems with six children in tow (our five and Girlzilla’s friend).

To make it more interesting, the trail we chose went muddy for long unavoidable stretches. Six muddy children, muddy stroller, and there I was trying my hardest not to get my feet (sandals with socks) muddy. I did not want muddy socks and it was over much consternation that I tried to keep my feet dry. At some point I finally said to myself, “Screw it. So I’ll be muddy.” I mean, the kids took the mud in stride and they were having fun, poking at things with sticks and all. I had a lot more fun after that point. Such is life, I guess. You gotta let yourself get muddy.

Reminds me of Ms. Frizzle, one of my kids’ video cartoon characters I have a crush on. Besides being totally hot and a fashion plate to boot, she’s something of a zen master in her own right. She’s always telling her students, “Get Messy! Make Mistakes!” How can I deny the Frizz? She speaketh the truth.

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