Milton sets me straight

Regarding the circumstances under which I first heard the phrase “bark like a dog, monkey woman,” I may have had a few details a bit off. Our friend Milton sets me straight:

Heidi, you are partially correct and Cody is almost entirely wrong. I’m
guessing that happens a lot. The theatre was the Varsity. The film was
not “Re-animator” it was H.P. Lovecrafts second similar film called
“From Beyond”. If you remember they had discovered by manipulating a
gland in the brain, humans could see a world around us that we normally
couldn’t see. The trouble was the creatures that inhabited that world
could see us, too. And they weren’t too happy about it. Plus, I think it
made the humans kind of nuts and a little over amorous.

Also, I believe it was Cody’s choice to go the see “From Beyond”. If I
recall correctly, Cody had seen (or heard of) “Re-Animator” and
believed it to be a “cult classic”. Naturally, he wanted to see the new
movie. Furthermore, I remember Cody got mad when Heidi had the gall to
laugh at this Sci-Fi classic movie, during the movie.

I’m not denying that I have puerile taste in film. Nor am I denying
that I am persuasive and charismatic. However, I just want to set the
facts straight about who had the low-brow tastes that night Mr. Clark.

Hope things are well. Heidi, please take care of Cody. It sounds like
stress has caused a memory lapse.


As I told Milton in reply, I selectively disown any of my pop culture tastes before 1990. But now the record stands corrected. The “bark like a dog monkey woman” part was undisputed, though.

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