I'm lovin' it

Looking back on my recent posts, I seem more like an annoying pessimist than an annoying optimist. But it’s all good. Really. Here’s what I’m lovin’ today

The smell of rain on concrete.
Warm Clean Underwear.
Co-workers I like
Being picked up by the Wife for a lunch date
Comfy leather shoes that know my feet
Tex Mex food.
Thin corn chips and thick salsa
The way Mr. Freshpants refers to “Chocolate Charities.”
Mix CDs of old favorite songs
The way Cake’s John McRae says “Haw!”
My new mate and bombilla
My Yerba Mate Buzz
The prospect of a coupla fingers Bourbon when I get home
The prospect of sitting down with the whole family at an evening meal
The prospect of reading “Hop on Pop” to my kids tonight
Kids who sleep well
A place on the web to post about stuff I love.
People who read what I post despite my being an “annoying pessimist.”

Have a nice weekend.

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