I haven't seen it yet

I agree with this guy, who hasn’t seen it either for his own reasons. From what I’ve heard, Mr. Gibson has made violence and gore the stars of the show. Jesus’ actual message of love and forgiveness makes only a cameo. It seems to me that taking the last brutal twelve hours of Jesus’ life out of context, drawing close up to the wounds and the blood, skews the whole Christian message. It seems to serve the fantics’ agenda when what we need in the world is less fanticism.

And what’s up with using the film to recruit converts? Be wary of any conversion to faith in the midst of passionate feelings. You might as well convert while drunk. In fact I am generally suspicious of any use of emotion as a tool in religion. Emotions come and go. A large part of being a faithful person is about what you do in spite of what you feel. Do you keep the faith once the retreat is over, once the praise and worship song is sung and your hands are back down by your sides, once you leave the church building and are back in your home or place of employment? Anyone can be faithful when they feel like it. What happens when you don’t? A faith based on feelings will not stand the slightest adversity. Deliberately stirring up strong religious feelings and then using them as a means to an end, no matter how well-intended, smacks to me of cult tactics.

But I will probably submit myself to the emotional manipulation that is Mr. Gibson’s movie. Mainly so I can think and talk about it in experiential terms instead of hypothetical terms. I’ll catch it when it’s out on DVD though. I ‘ll be damned if I’m going to spend $40 on babysitting to subject myself to that kind of trauma.

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