Expensive Silence

It may have cost us a small fortune, but it was worth it. When Heidi and I walked up to the hostess at the Tex-mex restaraunt we frequent, she asked us how many were in our party. “Two,” we said.

Two. Not eight. Or six. Or even three. Two.

Granted, our three and a half hour dinner and shopping date was expensive, but we had the luxury of kid-free shopping. We were able to eat in peace. While our food was still hot even.

I had to resist the impulse to reach over and cut Heidi’s food into bite-sized peices for her. I didn’t have to wipe anyone’s mouth once. Heidi didn’t have to tell anyone to eat their food because this was the last food they were getting until tomorrow.

As we were walking out to the car getting ready to go do some kid-free store browsing, I realized that at some time in the future this will again be so common as to not be special. Someday our small-children years will be as distant a memory as our pre-child years seem to me now. I made a mental note to remember to appreciate the kids at this age because they’ll never be this young or cute again.

Of course. Sure. As soon as we pick the kids up from the babysitter.

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