IOU: A Good Entry

I guess Overflow is more or less on hiatus. Or more like a work slowdown. Mainly because I don’t have a damn thing to say. Or maybe it’s because I realize I never really did. Or maybe the river of life is flowing by so quickly that I don’t have the focus to write. Like I Love Lucy in that famous candy conveyor belt episode.

Children in, children out. CPS is so pleased with Speedy’s progress they want to fast-track his adoption, while our previous experience with emotional/behavior case children is triggering our impulse to move more slowly. Olivia has found a nice African-American couple who wants to take her home to Dallas and adopt her. That’s a fairy tale ending for her, but it’ll leave a hole in our hearts, losing the smilingest baby this side of the bayou. They want you to attach to these children so they learn to attach properly, all the while knowing that they’re gonna be ripped from your adoring arms someday. It’s the foster parent gig — we’ll cry happy tears for Olivia when she goes, but they’ll still hurt. And then we’ll say “Thank you, sir. May I have another?” Actually I think we’ll need a little break…

So speaking of breaks. I can’t say how often I will post here in the next few weeks. I am off kilter, having lost use of my filter. The filter that tells me what’s blog worthy and what’s not. Like you could probably give a flying fig that my favorite local coffee house is going to start selling my favorite locally roasted coffee. Do you really care that I am allowing myself to read a not good for me fiction book for the first time in a long time and that I’m enjoying it? Or that I joined the local YMCA? Or that Bad Art Night is this Wednesday?

No, probably not. Problem is that I have no ideas right now other than the passing events of life. I’ll le t you know when I think of something.

But come to Bad Art Night. We’re playing one thousand blank white cards. It’ll be fun.

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