Some things don't scan well. I'm one of them.

I need a quick course on image processing or something. I tried to scan one of my art sessions in and the image was too big, grainy, blah blah. This is my best attempt. Pathetic, huh?

I can't scan for beans

This totally does not capture the essence of the piece. And you cannot tell that the white lines are liquid paper and not paint. Or that the support is cardboard from a box of diapers. And you certainly cannot tell by the grainy image how much I enjoy this art-geeky activity and how much peace, oddly enough, I get from cranking out these collections of lines.

But I guess there are some things that don’t scan at all, even if you have the skills.

Regardless, can anyone point me to an image processing for dummies style intro to scanning, etc.?

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