Trash Art 101

Q- “Can I find a way to tape off a piece of cardboard so you can paint it without the cardboard ripping when you pull the tape off?”
A- “I Gesso.”

Yes, by trial and error I found that if you prime the cardboard before you paint it you can tape off an area and not rip off pieces of the cardboard as you remove the tape. I have the feeling that people who go to art school don’t have to learn these technical things by trial and error. Course people in art school probably don’t paint on cardboard much either. making art out of trash is its own area of study.

That’s what I’d like – a Trash Art 101 course. Basic materials science and art technique aimed toward learning to reuse junk and trash in art. The best way to paint on glass and plastic with cheap paint. Various decoupaging glues and their subtle differences. The rewards and dangers of working with various plastics. How to fasten and glue different materials. And how to paint on cardboard in a way that does not warp it or tear it. That kind of thing.

And I may have found a guy who offers something like it.

2 thoughts on “Trash Art 101

  1. I really think the trial and error method is the best way to go. It is in this process of error and mistake that you can achieve some wonderful effects. If trash art is formalised in as far as technique is concerned, I think we will start moving away from it’s fundamenhtal raison d’etre.

  2. I don’t really want it as an art class so much as an engineering class — like Materials Engineering for Trash Art 101. I don’t need help with vision and imagination, but a little basic technical knowledge about how to, say, weld two milk cartons together would be really nice.

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