Little Muscle

It’s just a little muscle, but it must be damn important. I don’t even know its name, but it connects the upper center of my back to a spot just below my right shoulder blade. And it hurts. I woke up yesterday morning and I felt it for the first time, this little muscle that apparently has a role in almost every motion in my upper body.

Things I cannot do without feeling shooting pains from this little muscle:

Turn my head
Lean forward
Extend my right arm
Reach for my mouse
Breathe deeply
Get up
Sit down
Pick anything up

About the only things I can do without causing this little muscle to hurt is typing and drooling. So that’s what I plan to do today.

I now have a greater respect for my little muscle, being so unnoticed but apparently so instrumental for so long. If only I were so humble and important.

I am patiently waiting for my non-toothache to return. I promise not to take it for granted this time. Pinky swear.

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