Prayers for Olivia

We got some bad news today. Olivia has been diagnosed with a mild case of Cerebral Palsy – a birth defect which is relatively common in low birth weight preemies like her. She will require therapy three times a week, but early intervention can yield great benefits for her later in life. Thank God they found it early, but she needs your prayers. Poor kid’s getting a rough start in life.

The bigger consequence of this diagnosis is that it may cost her her future home. Right now a nice African-American couple is in the process of adopting her. They will have a very hard decision once they find out the diagnosis. They have private insurance and don’t have a lot of money (he’s a pastor, she stays home) and their insurance almost certainly will disallow Olivia’s CP as a pre-existing condition. And Olivia is a private adoption, so there is little if any aid from the state available. Four couples have turned her down so far. So they need prayers for strength and wisdom in their discernment. I hope they don’t become the fifth to turn away.

And then Heidi and I need your prayers. We have already expressed to Olivia’s social worker that we will offer to adopt her if this couple doesn’t work out. This diagnosis is a blow to our hopes for Olivia, but not to our resolve that there will not be a sixth couple that says no to her.

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