Direct Approach

Good people come to worship me for different reasons. Some come to the spiritual life because of suffering, some in order to understand life; some come through a desire to achieve life’s purpose, and some come who are men and women of wisdom. Unwavering in devotion, always united with me, the man or woman of wisdom surpasses all the others. To them I am the dearest beloved, and they are very dear to me. All those who follow the spiritual path are blessed. But the wise who are always established in union, for whom there is no higher goal than me, may be regarded as my very Self.

-Bhagavad Gita 7:16-18

It is true that many people approach the spiritual through an agenda. I would also agree that it is wisdom to approach the spiritual directly without going thru an agenda – simply because it is the thing to do, the only way to be. Being one’s self no more no less is the ultimate worship.

“God is within us. The divine Mother is in our every cell; the
divine Father is in our minds and on our tongues. . . There is
nothing in us that is not the home of God. Our boundaries are as
large as being itself.”
– Christin Lore Weber, “Search for the Sacred Center”

I had the occasion on Mothers’ Day to stand on the beach with Girlzilla and contemplate aloud the waves. “You see,” I told her, “the waves arise from the ocean. They return to the ocean. They are made of ocean. They appear distinct, but their very being is carried by the ocean. People are a lot like waves.”

Girlzilla nodded, “Huh. And the ocean is like God, right?” and put her arm around me. She got it. Pretty good for a twelve year old. Now if I could only get it. Live it. Apart from any agenda. Just Be.

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